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 We are all familiar with internet. Since it was born to affirm the development of society, it rapidly changes our life so much. How does it impact on us? What do you think its value could be a help or a hindrance? Let's discover the answer now.

Everyday, imagine how many people in the world using internet? What does it use for? Why is  it a help?

1. A help
Super human?
It is clever because it obtains a marvellous mind ( memory).
Eg: it is a perfect teacher with incredible ability at the same time it can teach thousands students with various range of knowledge. It helps you to find information and solve the problems about politic, business, health?
 Super speed?
Using internet in your time is save.
Its special term is "what you see is what you want? Imagine how long  takes for the buy of goods in the market?" Instead just log in internet,so you can buy clothes, food, banking, booking the ticket while you can relax and other the jobs will well done.
 Super accurate?
It is intangible spy. From the internet you are able to monitor exactly what is happening in the moon? Even watch the news in America.
honestly I  suggest that internet makes your life easier and more convenient with faster speed and effective work.

 1. A hindrance
On the other hand it is hindrance when people use it for the dark purpose. For example, children are likely to play game which is resulted less effort in study, others like to copy available resources down as their idea. Moreover, according to ABC news, last year two students were suicide as they surfing internet. It causes a shock for numerous of students. As a results, internet is murderer.
Other example is after watching the horror and sex films the teenagers and adult like to do the same as the film did. It poisons the human nature.
In addition, your personal information will be stolen by using credit card on internet.
Furthermore some bad websites give the plot of terrorism. It is dangerous sign of violent which transmits the harmful and damages.

In conclusion, internet is new and modern technology which can influence people in a better way as a superhuman, super speed, super accurate or negative way by using wrong purpose. Therefore/ hence we should change the hindrance into a help to improve quality of life.


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